Fazzini srl has been manufacturing and distributing more than 4000 medical and electro-medical products throughout the world for more than 20 years. A world leader, Fazzini srl distributes its products in more than eighty Countries and boasts important and prestigious state-owned and private International Healthcare Organizations and Hospitals, NGOs and humanitarian organizations among its customers. Our products are also distributed locally by subsidiaries in Europe and in the Middle East. Our large sales volumes over the years enabled the company to increase investments, production and also purchases, so much so that "Fazzini products" have become highly competitive in terms of price/quality ratio. The product range is displayed in our annual catalog, that is printed in 10,000 copies, all distributed to customers, subdivided into specific 14 sections, featuring furniture for hospitals and medical practices, diagnostic, emergency or electro-surgery devices. Recently our company started distributing also on the Italian market, and despite the problems affecting our domestic economy, we were able to conquer a large market share: important client/distributors guaranteed the presence of Fazzini products in various sectors (hospitals, clinics, emergency..). In order to further increase our distribution, we decided to open a chain of franchise stores that is bound to become a strategic presence. Starting from September, "Fazzini Medical Shops" will be opened in Italy. The first to "open" are in Imola, Rome, Naples, Bari and Vimodrone, they shall sell all the products present in a new catalog for Italy, "Fazzini Medical Shop", with a new collection specifically geared to medical practices. This major initiative was made possible by our unfailing perseverance and passion.
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